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Picking Up The Peices

So the last time I blogged was in October…..

Its February ladies and gents.

Not to worry, Ive still been doing a lot of journaling but I haven’t done much of blogging, which I am desperate to get back into. Thats the sort of thing I do. I pick something up, obsess about it for a couple months, then drop it completely and forget about it. (Note to self: Still haven’t finished reading The Alchemist, you should pick it up again.)

Before clicking the new post button, I was browsing through my old blog posts from first semester, and can I just say, wow, SO MUCH HAS CHANGED!

I was definitely a mess first semester, emotionally and mentally. I am almost a new person now. Fresh out of a relationship, being single has never been better. I am growing so much and loving myself every step of the way. My mind set has changed a lot and I feel like I’ve become a better person. I feel like I have simply become a pretty caring human being. I have no desire to be anything other than nice to everyone around me and I am so grateful everyday for what I’ve been given. I am radiating positive vibes everywhere I go, and the best part is you receive what you give. Radiate positive vibes, and positivity and enlightenment will be gifted in return.

I have learned a lot about relationships in my lifetime, and I feel that I am at my strongest peak right now. As I am coming out of a break up, I am putting in my all to not let it destroy me. I recently just learned to build up strength to resist the “bad comforts” and it is really helping me move on.

  1. Bad Comforts: verb; Going back to a boy constantly, even when he’s treated you horribly, only because having someone there is better than having no one at all.

The biggest part to achieving this is really loving your self. As simple as it sounds, its not easy but you can get there. I kept sticking around for a dude who wasn’t treating me the best. Even though I knew I deserved better, I wasn’t strong enough to let go because I didn’t love myself enough. Once I let go of those attachment feelings and started thinking about what I wanted and how I felt, it got easier everyday to grow strength and love for myself.

I began to realize that I can’t base my worth off of what someone else thought of me. According to him my expectations were too high for a relationship and I made the mistake of lowering them, and settling for less. But in reality, if someone isn’t treating you the way you want to be treated, you are not obligated to continue that relationship. If there is no mutual flow of emotion and communication, chances are, its not worth sticking around. Be with someone who is selfless, and who respects yourself worth.Be with someone who’s best interest is your happiness and is willing to compromise and make you happy.

You have the right to be selfish! So love yourself and take care of your mental health and do what makes YOU happy. Don’t stick around for someone who constantly pulls you down and makes you feel bad about yourself.


Naila Parker Sanchez


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