“You’re Mexican?!”


Despite the contrary, just because my skin is “white” does not mean that there isn’t Mexican blood beneath it all. Technically speaking, I am Mexican-American, “Chilanga”, Latina, whatever you want to call it. I am lucky enough to say that I inherited my Mexican blood from my mother (yes, she is a very proud, successful, strong, and independent lady). My love for real Mexican food, its culture, art, and its beautiful country and the archeticure within, has been growing since the day I was born. Proud of my Mexican roots, I always get an aching urge to prove to people that I am not just white. But I don’t understand why people get so surprised when they find out im not. I find it pretty entertaining to see the looks on peoples faces when they can’t believe it and I get questions like “But you don’t look Mexican” “Can you say something in Spanish?”

Believe it or not, racism happens within the Latino community as well. White Latinos recently have gotten a bad rap from their own people!  Because of my skin color I am not considered fully Latina or Mexican by some – that is ridiculous. It seems that a lot of present day, white latinos, who can’t speak Spanish also fall under this same discrimination. Some Latinos claim, if your skin is light and if you don’t speak the language you are not a real Latino. According to an article in the New York Times, many Latinos are  beginning to identify as “White” in their census, because they are not accepted by their own people. So, white latinos are forced to try to fit into another race category. Not only this, but many Latinos now identify as “White” due to confusing surveys or forms most of which only come with a “Hispanic/Latino”(hispanic and latino are very different) option or even just a “Mexican” option.

But, it should not be like this. There are no “white latinos” or “afro-latinos.” There is no exclusivity to being Latino or Hispanic. Wherever you are from, be proud and brag about it. Don’t let anyone tell you less that what you really are!

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