Relationships, Texting, and Long distance.

I recently wrote a research article for my english lecture class and it really got me thinking..

I was researching  the topic of online messaging, texting, and dating apps and how it effects modern day relationships. Has anyone ever noticed how many rules there are for properly texting a guy, crush or even your partner?

I mean first of all, theres a minimum number of texts you can send a guy at once. Double texting is not okay with your crush (at least according to society). You can’t seem too desperate. Right? Until now, no one has really ever said there are rules for texting, you just know them. For example, that rule of not texting a boy repeatedly in fear of looking to “thirsty” or desperate. Among teenage girls, this rule goes unsaid, we all just know. It’s that whole thing with playing hard to get. Its stressful. But honestly I break this rule all the time.  With Tanner, (my  boyfriend) I may or may not spam him multiple times in a day like:

“hello” “can you text back” “ru busy?” “do you love me?” “pay attention to meeeeee”

I learned that texting is one of the biggest forms of miscommunications among relationships. If you’re in a long distance relationship like me, I think you can understand how texting can deteriorate a relationship, I mean seriously. You can only communicate through text for so long. Pure verbal communication is the key. If your relationship is based off text, miscommunication is a common thing. Sarcasm, emotion and personality is very hard to express in a text message. So in that case, FACETIME, FACTIME, FACETIME!! Though its not easy finding a time where both you and your partner have free time, try your best to at least hear each other voices for even 2 minutes!

I know this post didn’t have much to it sorry, but until next time!



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