At First Glance: What College Is Really Like

I’ve been stuck here for about.. lets say 3 weeks almost?

Kidding, its not like jail or anything (maybe it is), but there are a handful of things I’ve learned from being here.

  1. Its not as scary as you think it is. For some reason, I was incredibly nervous before I started college even though I had no idea what it was like. I was already stressing about the future assignments I was going to get, the zero friends I would have, and the cafeteria food. Don’t stress, you will get the hang of everything very quickly. My classes have been nothing but loaded with work, and thats something you should expect coming into college. Its nothing like high school, that is the most spectacular part. Homework is not due the next day, your usually given a period of time to complete it. That said, START RIGHT AWAY on your assignments.
  2. Organization is key. I haven’t felt overwhelmed or stressed since Ive gotten here because Ive been trying my best to stay on top of my game and stay as organized as I can. Get ahead of your assignments, keep an agenda, make lists, write in a planner. This is the best way to know when what is due, and what to do. Trust me, even though your professors give you a syllabus at the beginning of the year, they’ll sneak in extra assignments not in there, that you should write down. I started off using a planner and writing everything down by hand but I noticed I was only making it harder on myself. On my Macbook, I use the stickies app. I keep them open all the time and this is where I keep track of all my assignments and my to do’s.
  3. Friends. To be completley honest Ive probably only made one. Its not easy. Leaving high school I was desperate to make new friends considering I began high school with 15+ friends and  left with only 3. It takes time, so don’t expect to meet your best friends the first week, but if you do, cheers.
  4. Lastly, Find your quiet spot. Lets admit it, your dorm room is not the ideal study lounge. Im always  too tempted by Netflix and social media. Whenever I start homework on my bed, my eyes begin to drift, I start to feel sleepy and I get distracted by my own thoughts. Though I wish I was, Im not the perfect college student, I’ll admit I’ve already done this a couple times. The best way to get your work done and out of the way, is to find somewhere on campus where you can get focused and stay productive. Then, you can watch Netflix or take that nap you’ve been thinking of. My top two places: Library, or outside on the picnic tables. Take advantage of this weather and study outside before it gets too cold!

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